University of California at Los Angeles

Ph.D. in History, 2016

M.A. in History, 2009

Concentrations: history of science; European cultural and intellectual history; visual studies

Academic Positions Held

Thelma and Jamie Guilbeau/BORSF Endowed Professor of History Instruction, Dept of Hist, Geo & Phil, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2019 –

Director of the Guilbeau Center for Public History, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2018-

Assistant Professor, Dept of Hist, Geo & Phil, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2018-

NYU, Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow, Program in Museum Studies,  2016-2018


Current book manuscript: Disciplining Collections: Museums, “Race,” and the Human Sciences in Imperial Germany

“Honor Native Land at Virtual Events,” Co-Authored with Rosanna Dent,

Guilbeau Center for Public History. [website]. Co-authored with Julia Fontenot and Summer Abu-khomra. 2019.

History Lost? Saving Louisiana’s Archival Heritage Workshop Report and Recommendations for Future Actions. Co-Authored with Liz Skilton, Ian Beamish, and Julia Fontenot/Summer Abu-khomra. Louisiana History. Volume LX, Issue 4, 2018

“Land Acknowledgements at HSS 2018,” History of Science Society Annual Meeting 2018 Program. Co-Authored with Rosanna Dent, Elaine LaFay, Felicia Garcia (Chumash), and Khyati Nagar. 2018.

“Apes, Skulls and Drums: Using Images to Make Ethnographic Knowledge in Imperial Germany,” British Journal for the History of Science 51 (2018): 69-98.

“Picturing Labor: Gender and German Anthropology in the Philippines,” in Transcultural Encounters between Germany and Asia from a Gender Perspective, eds. Joanne Miyang Cho and Douglas T. McGetchin, (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017), 85-108.

Skeletons and Silicon: The Art and Science of the Human Body. Exhibition brochure, with Twyla Ruby, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California, June 2013.

Rev. of Museums and Exhibitions as Materialisation of Knowledge Orders, Conference at the University of Cologne Center for Advanced Studies Morphomata April 13-15, 2011. Arbeitsgemeinschaft historischer Forschungseinrichtungen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V. Nov. 2011.

Recent and Upcoming Presentations

Confronting the Ghosts of Our Institutions Past, Present and Future:  Building Names and Race at Two Deep South Campuses, American Historical Association 2022

Plenary and Opening Land Acknowledgement Panel Co-organizer, History of Science Society – Society for History of Technology 2021

Hack Your Syllabus, German Studies Association 2021

Exhibit to Action, American Association for State and Local History 2021

Building Renaming on A University Campus: Motivations, Justifications, Observations, Louisiana Historical Association 2021

Healing in the Bayou: A Podcast Series,  National Council for Public History 2021

Teaching Experience

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

History and Theory of Museums

Science During War, Fall 2021 and 2020

Digital History, Fall 2020

Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the History of Medicine, Spring 2020

Museum Exhibitions, Spring 2020

Unburying the Knowledge, Spring 2020

Oral History of Folk Medicine, Fall 2019

World Civilizations to 1600, 2018-2019

Historic Sites and the Politics of Preservation, Spring 2019

Heritage and Memory in History Museums, Fall 2018

NYU Program in Museum Studies

History and Theory of Museums, Fall 2017 and 2016

Research Seminar for MA Thesis, Fall 2017 and 2016

Historic Sites, Cultural Landscapes, the Politics of Preservation, Spring 2018 and 2017


UCLA Department of History

Body Language: Race and Sex in the History of Science, Spring 2015 and 2016

Labs on the Go: Scientific Tools for Collecting Empire, 1600 – Present, 2013

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